Laser Etched Rocker Switches

Our ASP Aero Switches are a TRUE DPST with 2 independent LEDs
Colors offered are BLUE, GREEN, RED and WHITE

Each switch comes laser etched with any of the designs in predetermined list.
When power is provided to the switch (Master Batt on) the upper LED of the switch will illuminate the upper part of the rocker showing the image of that switches function. When the switch is activated (pushed forward) the lower LED will illuminate the lower part of the rocker giving you positive confirmation that your switches function is now activated. You can also choose your lower rocker design from our designated list.

And if you don’t see anything you like, we can always create a custom design with a slight upcharge.

Due to the custom nature of the rocker switches you will need to call and place your order over the phone. You can also send in your order requirements via email. Just provide us with your PayPal address and we will send an invoice. Invoice will need to be paid in full before starting the laser etching.


ASW016 DPST on-off Dual LED Independent -Blue
ASW017 DPST on-off Dual LED Independent – Red
ASW018 DPST on-off Dual LED Independent – Green
ASW019 DPST on-off Dual LED Independent – White
Switch Mounting Panels
ASW004-VME end bracket
ASW005- VMM middle bracket
ASW006- VMS  Single bracket
Switch Rockers with Stock Lettering
ASw021 – Black $9.00
ASW022 – Red $10.00
Switch Rockers with Custom Lettering
ASW021 – Black $12.00
ASW022 – Red $13.00