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Does carbon fiber have pinholes?

While not anywhere as bad as fiberglass, carbon fiber will have some pinholes. We recommend Loehle Wonder-Fil to fill in the pinholes on any of our carbon fiber products.

Have your products been installed in other RV-10s yet?

Yes, the following builders have documented their installations or have photos on their websites.

We also have photos in ourĀ Photo Gallery. Please let us know if you would like us to add your website here. The only requirement is that it documents the installation of one of our products.

Does the panel installation require any mods to the fuselage?

No, there are no mods required to use the instrument panel. The instrument panel support frame will screw into the same nut places for the standard panel that comes with the kit.

Is arm rest center console fuel valve in stock location?

Yes, it is in the standard location on the tunnel. Depending on the age of your fuselage kit, you may want to lower your fuel valve bracket (if you use an Andair) to accommodate the heater scat tube, but the location is the same.

Do you leave the stock tunnel cover on or remove it?

We require that the stock tunnel cover be mounted. Per Van’s, it is a structural component.

Is there additional cost for shipping internationally?

Yes. We reserve the right to charge an additional fee for international shipping. Arrangements will be made with you (the customer) in order to pay your additional shipping charge.