RV-10 Quad

Arm Rest



RV-10 Quad Arm Rest


Aerosport Products is currently shipping its new RV-10 Quad Arm Rest.

  • The advantage over some of the fiberglass consoles offered by other vendors is that carbon fiber is lighter with the benefit of being structurally stronger.
  • The arm rest is hinged at the rear, so either front seat occupants can open the arm rest. The interior storage area is not made of carbon fiber, it is made of Urethane.
  • You can locate headphone jacks or oxygen jacks on the inside of the arm rest console. Notches on each side of the arm rest allows for cables to exit for better wire management. This keeps headset cables from getting caught while the occupants get in and out of the aircraft.
  • For the rear seat occupants, there is room for headset jacks, switches, etc. on the rear of the arm rest.
  • Like the lower console for the instrument panel, the center arm rest console mounts on top of the existing tunnel cover.
  • The center arm rest console can be finished by painting or by covering with leather or cloth as seen in the following photos. The covered leather arm rest is not included in the standard package. The arm rest is provided with a standard carbon fiber finish that can be painted to a color of your choosing or clear coat.

A painted Quad Arm Rest ready to ship to a customer.




The Quad Arm Rest as it ships from us.



RV-10 Quad Arm Rest - RV10054 - $825.00



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Updated 10/21/2015