RV-10 Overhead Console Switch Pod


The new Aerosport Products overhead panel switch pod is a great addition to your overhead console. Made from using our in house HP Multi Jet Fusion 3d printer, the PA12 nylon material is strong, durable and lightweight. The switch pod comes with an aluminum panel insert to locate your switches or anything that you would like to mount to it. You can decide to finish the pod in anyway you see fit. Paint, leave it as is, clear coat, hydro dip, etc. It affixes to your overhead very easily if the panel is out of the plane by using rivet nuts or a simple nut and bolt. If you already have the panel installed, don’t worry. You can install by drilling out the hole locations and installing nut inserts coated in a strong epoxy. Let that dry and then install your pod with the same thread screws or bolts. The screw/bolt hole location is then covered with two caps on the backside of the pod which are included.

Be ready to show off your Aerosport Products Overhead Console Switch Pod and have all of your friends asking for our website!

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Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 5 × 5 in