RV-10 Headliners


Aerosport Products has developed a headliner kit for the RV-10. The headliner enables builders to finish the interior of the cabin cover starting at the lip right behind the door going back to the baggage area bulkhead. The headliner is made out of two layers of fiberglass. The headliner is held in place by the forward seat belt attachment and Velcro. (Velcro is not provided in the kit) Edging is provided to finish out the rear windows.

The RV-10 Headliner Kit includes a fiberglass headliner substrate, window edge trim, shoulder belt aluminum spacer, and an instructional video on how to wrap substrate along with install instructions.

The headliner can be ordered in multiple configurations. First, there are variations between the green and pink versions of the cabin cover. Secondly, for those with overhead consoles order the two piece option and the one piece option for those without an overhead console. The one-piece version due to its size is more expensive to ship. Please verify that you order the appropriate version since the inserts aren’t interchangeable.

Aerosport Products is also providing material that can be used to cover the fiberglass headliner. 2.0 yards of material will be provided. A color chart of the various fabrics is listed below. The fabric hasn’t been tested to meet FAA flame retardant specification but meets automotive standards.
Click here to download swatches in a PDF file.

View Fabric Swatches (PDF)

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International, Hawaii, and Alaska based customers will receive an additional invoice via Paypal to cover the incremental fees for shipping. The headliners are laid up on a made to order basis. Expect a two to three week lead time.

By purchasing these products from Aerosport Products, the Purchaser agrees that he/she will not copy, reverse engineer, modify use to make molds or otherwise attempt to use the purchased products design/functionality to develop a competing product.

Online Web ordering is for customers in the continental United States (CONUS). If you are an International customer or are in Hawaii or Alaska, you will receive an additional invoice via Paypal to cover the incremental fees to ship your products. This invoice MUST be paid prior to an order being shipped. Please contact us for these shipping fees if you want to know the fees in advance.

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Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 35 in