RV-10 Carpet for use with ASP Console


Aerosport Products is offering a carpet set for the RV-10. All carpet sets come with Veltex material on the back to be used with a hook type Velcro where needed, along with heel plates for the front floors, and installation instructions.

There are three basic carpet sets. We are offering a standard set for those RV-10 builders whose interior is built per standard Van’s plans. We also provide a carpet set for those RV-10 builders that have installed the Aerosport Products Arm Rest and Lower console.

All of our materials are treated and tested to comply with FAR 25.853(a) Appendix F. You can order carpet that DOES NOT include a burn test certification, but will pass a horizontal burn test. You can also order carpet that DOES NOT include a burn test certification but will pass both horizontal and vertical burn tests.


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Please allow additional time for us to coordinate performing the burn test certification with the lab.

Please note: Some pieces of the carpet will need to be adhered with an adhesive, such as 3M 77 or equivalent. This adhesive is not supplied in the carpet kit. One will be more than ample to install the carpet kit.

By purchasing these products from Aerosport Products, the Purchaser agrees that he/she will not copy, reverse engineer, modify use to make molds or otherwise attempt to use the purchased products design/functionality to develop a competing product.