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Rudder Trim



Rudder Trim

Aerosport Products is offering a rudder trim for experimental aircraft. Versions for the RV-10, RV-7 and RV-9 are also available.


The photos below shown the rudder trim mounted in a RV-10 with our standard asymmetrical carbon fiber instrument panel. This location is underneath the panel in front of the pilot. The rudder trim can be mounted anywhere, on any panel, where there is a straight shot back to the rudder pedals.



All the Kit Parts


Installed underneath our Standard Instrument Panel



The view from the bottom.


Installation Video




SKU# RV10037 - The Rudder Trim Kit is $250 plus $12.00 shipping and handling in the continental U.S. International, Hawaii, and Alaska based customers will receive an additional invoice via Paypal to cover the incremental fees for shipping.

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Updated 1/13/2013