RV-10 Seats


Aerosport Products is offering five different seat designs for the RV-10.

Our seats start at $3,750. This includes the front and rear seats covered in leather and will also include a set of our new rear seat foams. Our foams will fit the stock Van’s rear seats and have been designed alongside our patterns to ensure the best fit. Our patterns are done with a CAD program in which we bring in the dimensions of the seat foams, both front, and rear. We are able to print out precise patterns based on stretch properties of the leather that we use. With this capability, we are also offering the service of a custom one-off design with your input (call for pricing.)

Based pricing for Aerosport Products Designer Seats

Style Price

Sport Elite



Luxury Elite


Custom Please Call or Email

Additionally, we can also cover our rear AeroSeats as a 60/40 option. This option would cost $300 above the covering price for standard rear seats. Custom embroidery is also available. Call for pricing and options.

Due to the complexities created by having many options for the seating, we are not taking online orders. Please call us at (614) 834-8659 or email us directly.


Product Description

By purchasing these products from Aerosport Products, the Purchaser agrees that he/she will not copy, reverse engineer, modify use to make molds or otherwise attempt to use the purchased products design/functionality to develop a competing product.