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NACA Vent Valve Kit



NACA Vent Valve Kit

Aerosport is proud to annouce its new NACA vent valve controller kit. This controller kit was designed to allow the user to adjust the amount of airflow into the overhead consoles that many RV-10 builders are installing. This is really nice when tempatures get below fifty degrees and that cold air is all enclosed, and the overhead is getting pressurized and leaking cold air into the cabin. With this control valve you can totally shut off all air or adjust to wide open all year long.


Our first model can accomodate dual NACA vents with two inch SCAT tubing. The vents are remote controlled via a control unit that can be installed on your panel (or anywhere you choose). A small servo motor will open and close the vents. We designed the electronic control unit to accept 12 to 24 volts. Other features are user define end point limits, throw reversal, and you can reduce the speed in which the valves open and close.


We have a single valve controller available as well. These valves can be used in many different applications where valve shut offs are needed. It is very easy to install and comes with everything you will need.


There is currently two options that you can select when your order the NACA Vent Controller Kit. The standard controller option has the potentiometer mounted to a circuit board. This works well if you mount the controller module on your intsrument panel. (Pictured) The other option is to have approxiamately four inch leads (not pictured) between the potentiometer and the circuit board. This allows for mount when space may be limited, like in the overhead console.



You may order the NACA Vent Controller Kit.

  • SKU# RV10020 One NACA Vent Controller Kit. The price of this option is $265.00 plus shipping and handling ($15.00) in the CONUS. International, Hawaii, and Alaska based customers will receive an additional invoice via Paypal to cover the incremental fees for shipping.
Contoller Options


You can also just purchase the contoller (potentiometer and circuit board by itself) for other servo applications. Aerosport Product doesn't represent that the controller as being specifically compatible for any application other than our NACA Vent Controller Kit.





Thanks to Ed Kranz for sharing his installation video.

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Updated 5/5/2014