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RV-10 Landing Light



RV-10 Landing Light

Aerosport Products has developed a landing light for the RV-10 Cowl. The light can be easily installed in either a new installation or in a cowl of a painted, flying RV-10. All you have to do is to paint our fixture the same color as your cowl.


The kit currently ships with two optional bulb configurations. You can install the bulbs of your choice from either 2-MR16 LEDs or a Baja Designs Squadron Pro LED Bulb. We recommend the Baja Designs LED and have both options for bulbs in stock at this time.




SKU:RV10038 - RV-10 Landing Light:

With no bulbs included: $245.00

With two MR16 LED bulbs inlcuded: $310.00

With one BAJA LED Landing Light included: $455.00 (Recommended)

BAJA Squadron Pro LED - Bulb Only: $219.00


Bulb Options

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Update: 10/17/2015