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Aerosport Products was spun off it's sister company Aerosport Modeling & Design, Inc. in 2009 to develop products for experimental aircraft. The first product developed was the RV-10 Carbon Fiber Instrument Panel that was initially offered for sale through SteinAir.


Aerosport Modeling & Design, Inc. was established in September 1996. Since the beginning, our goals have been to produce the highest quality prototypes, appearance models, working models and machined parts possible and to meet or exceed client expectations 100% of the time.


Aerosport Modeling & Design, Inc. strived to be seen as a partner with their clients, not just a supplier of prototyping services.  Aerosport Modeling & Design, Inc. wanted their clients to view them as an extension of their design and development team.


Since 1996, Aerosport has served 1000’s of satisfied clients in many fields including automotive, medical, electronic, military, aviation, toy, consumer and more. Each year Aeroport researched and invested in the latest technology to stay competitive in the marketplace.


Aerosport Products goals are to continue the traditions of Aerosport Modeling & Design, Inc. to deliver inovative products to help experimental aircraft builders by providing high quality, high value products to assist them in completing their builds.